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There’s no formula for success, every company is unique and needs customization to their current marketing plan in order to grow and deliver content that will attract their audience.


That’s where we come in.


Cubieye offers packages to help your company grow to its fullest potential. They range for the different stages that your company is currently in. For inquiries about the package deals, discounts, and consultations, please contact us here.

Content Production

If you just need some photos or videos for your social media, existing websites, or even a private event, this package is for you.


 Camera equipment we offer:

  •  4k camera 

  • Stabilizer (gimble)

  • Drones

  • Lighting

  • High-end microphones

  • Many more

Photography Reflector Lamp
Image by Le Buzz

Web Design & Development

Websites provide businesses with a tool that cannot be replaced. A well-designed and appealing website will help businesses connect with their customers as well as attract new ones.


At Cubieye, we'll connect you with our engineers and marketing directors to create a perfect website for you whilst incorporating SEO factors to maximize your engagement.

Grow Your NFT Community

For first time collection starters as well as OGs who've been in the game for a while, CubiEye is here to help ease your stress about growing your collection globally. With a full team helping you to build an effective yet engaging minting platform, as well as ensure 0 security breaches. We've got you covered.

Image by Will Francis


What better way to grow your brand with a successful and valuable marketing technique called SEO and SEM?

A friendly interaction and live data will be your golden ticket to rising up the ranks on google searches, helping you to grow your business rapidly.


Social Media Management

Social media users in 2020 have reached over 4.3 billion, what better way to reach a wider audience than improving your social media?

We will help increase your engagement, reach, and interactions amongst new and existing customers. In addition to that, it can also help with loyalty.



 Email marketing is a primary tool in the digital marketing toolbelt. Cubieye provides professional & highly cost-effective email marketing / EDM service in Hong Kong.


Our services include professional EDM design, tracking & segmentation based on customers’ behavior, preferences, and data analysis.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is about marrying the right social media personality to the right brand to produce quality advertising that resonates and engages. 


Cubieye works with both the client and the influencer, a compelling piece of content is generated that will be shared through various social mediums (such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) to ensure reach, engagement, and the growth of the client’s own social media profiles and pages – leading to wider brand exposure, to the right audience.


Social Media Advertising

Cubieye executes paid media campaigns across social media, providing our partners with the most effective solutions for reaching their target audiences. 


Our internal reporting software allows us to actively generate and leverage real-time insights for optimal results.

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